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"For Behold, Watch, I Do a NewThing!"

Prophetic Word from God received by Wendy Alec on April12th, 2013:

"For do not look at the past," saysthe Lord. "Do not look to the things that have gone before. For behold watch, I do a new thing! A new thing. And I will pour out My Spirit in a new way, in a manner you have not known before; for behold this is a new day.It is a new day and behold the past is behind and all things are become new.

"And yes, there will be naysayers and yes, there will be persecution, but they know not the Mind of the Lord. They know not My Mind.For am I not God? Is a man's heart not in My hands? For I tell you that I amGod Almighty, God of Heaven and earth, and I choose whom I choose tochoose.

"And I tell you that in the days and in weeks to come,you shall even see signs that you have not known. And you shall see wonders. I tell you wonders, wonders. Wonders in the sky, wonders in the Revival,wonders in the overflow rooms, wonders in the stadiums to come. For I tell you that the stadiums, they are to come. The stadiums the stadiums, the livingrooms, the glory...

"For My fire shall fall. My fire shall fall fromHeaven, and there shall be thunder and there shall be lightnings and thereshall literally be the sounds of Heaven. The sounds of Heaven shall resound through  the earth, through this Outpouring.

"VISITATION, VISITATION, VISITATION," says the Lord. "Prepare for visitation, in homes, in your cities, in yournation. For what I am about to do cannot be contained. It cannot becontained... and I will turn unbelievers in their steps and I will open blindeyes and the paralyzed will walk!

"The hallmark of this next move shall be a greatgrace," says the Lord. "A great grace, a great grace,and there shall be weeping and tears. Many, many tears shall fall upon thealtars. Physical altars and the altars of men's hearts and I shall burn up thosebesetting weaknesses and those addictions. My Spirit shall be poured out uponthe prisoner and the murderer and the adulterer and the heroin addict and the pornographer. My Spirit shall be poured out upon the pedophile.

Oh," roars the Lord of hosts, from this place...from this Outpouring, "I tell you a great, great grace such as has never, never been poured out upon all flesh before, shall be poured out in thisdispensation.

"And from this kindling fire in Durban,from this seemingly insignificant beginning in South Africa, the world, the world shall be set light with a great grace; and as the fire comes down, and as the great grace pours downward from Heaven, from the heavenlies,satanic forces will be paralyzed. For the great grace is My Son," says the Lord.

"The great, great grace is none other than the Holy,Holy Lamb of God.Oh, oh, oh and so, the atmosphere of the wicked shall become the atmosphere of Heaven and the atmosphere of the addicted and the oppressed shall be infiltrated by the supernatural and the sick.

"The sick. Oh, how My heart yearns, oh yearns for the sick and the chronically ill. And the terminally ill. And I tell you that inthis season and in this hour and from this place comes a great graceupon the sick. A great grace and this great grace of healing, this healing grace, shall pour out upon the sick and upon the dying – and My resurrectionpower and the power and the glory of the supernatural shall break. It shall destroy, shall disintegrate, the shackles of the spirits of sickness, of the spirits of infirmity, of the spirits of death that the enemy has loosed on theChurch in this last hour.

"The tables are turning, Church. Saints, arise,arise with a roar. Arise with the shout of Zion. For your time is upon you,your time has come and the glory of the Lord shall cover the sea.

And this great grace shall burn from Durban to CapeTown – to Johannesburg – to Namibia – to Mozambique – and to Zimbabwe it shallburn and there shall be governmental changes – in the Outpouring.

"And the United Kingdom, Heaven speaks to you. You are one who is dearly held in the courts of Heaven. Oh I weep for you,United Kingdom and I tell you I am coming to you. I love you. I am coming to you. I am about to pour a great and terrible holy grace upon you – and this fire, this fire that has been kindled in this far off place, this fire that hasbeen kindled in Durban shall reach to your shores like a blazing firecracker.And all who have been hungry will be filled and I shall do manifest miracles and wonders in England." says the Lord. "In the North, you shall see My fire fall. In the Midlands, in the South and the Southwest...

"My fire will burn and Scotland, Ireland and Wales,you have yet to see your day and your day arises and this fire will overflow from Durban, South Africa into living rooms across the nation of GreatBritain, and to Europe, Scandinavia and Germany.Germany," says the Lord of Hosts, "I call your name... Icall your name Germany. Germany, the fire is falling Germany, Germany, andBulgaria, Poland, Russia, France. France, France – Durban to France – France –Durban to Switzerland – Holland!

"And now beloved America, beloved America...oh, like a blazing fire I come to you! Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, firefrom this place. Fire, fire, fire balls ignited from this place all across the United States...

"Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana,New York... I call you New York, New York. Los Angeles, Los Angeles,California... ablaze, ablaze, ablaze. Fire, fireballs all across California thenorth, North California fireballs aligning and joining with Redding,California... a mighty burning bush blazing across California.

"Oh I have waited, I have waited, I have waited and itis time, it is time, no more shall you say revival is coming. Inthis day and in this hour of dispensation you shall surely say revivalis here. And communities... Rainbows, rainbows," says the Lord.

"Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists... India, Africa, NorthKorea, the Philippines... and as the devil sets his schemes into motion inthe governmental and political arenas of this world, I declare that I alone amthe Lord of Hosts and this is not the enemy's day. This is My day; this is the day of My Son. This is the day of the Great Outpouring of the Lamb.Let the enemy tremble. This is the day of the Glorious Lamb."

Wendy Alec
Founder, God TV